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《山楂树之恋》的纯真爱情Young love personified

Adapted from the popular novel Hawthorn Tree Forever, Zhang Yimou`s latest film Under the Hawthorn Tree previewed Wednesday and was acknowledged as a welcome return for Zhang to the art house genre.

Under the Hawthorn Tree is a pure love story full of sentiment and affection.

Set in the 1970s during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), the novel Hawthorn Tree Forever is based on a true story about a young city girl named Jing with a condemned political background who falls in love with a young man Sun from a high-profile family when she goes to the countryside to be re-educated. Jing`s age and social standing prevent the two from being together until she graduates and gets a secure job in the city.

Sun continues to support Jing and they date secretly before Sun is diagnosed with leukemia and dies.

“I want to recover the original purity and simplicity of the 1970s and the people at that time, with a slow but compelling narration. I want it to convey a long-lost purity,” Zhang said. ”

Unlike Zhang`s previous films that are known for their colorful cinematography, Under the Hawthorn Tree employs natural and basic hues.

“It is simple and precious, especially in a commercial society like now,” said actress Yan Ni.

It may be the characters` defiance against all risks and the embodiment of “till death do us apart” in a time full of persecutions that kept most at the preview interested in the film, with many touched by their emotions.

Ding Yaping, director of the Film and TV School of China Art Academy, said the work is similar to a genre widely popular in Japan and South Korea, but has not been made by Chinese directors for over a decade. “Zhang`s movie is the kind of devoted romance that will be engraved on one`s bones,” he said after seeing the film.

Film critic, Zhang Wei added that the movie would have implications for China, where instant gratification and consumerism have taken hold. “The pure concept of love and romance in a movie set in the 1970s will enlighten the outlooks of young Chinese born between 1980 and 2000 on relationships and romance,” he said.

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