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虽然TEM8已经过去,网上对考试体会议论纷纷,有人喜有人忧,不过细细观察,这次的试卷,MINI-LECTURE 依然是开门拦路虎,不过最不能小以轻心的就是翻译了。这次中译英翻译题选自蔡素芬的《烛光盛宴》,其文段,其局势 ,着实吓着了不少考生。每每考完之后,都会有网友搜集最佳答案,下面摘录网友版本仅供参考。



1: rarely formal records    2: systematic objective manner   3: variable

4: situation sampling      5: vary       6: advantage 7: as it occurs       8: have more control   9: in natural setting   10: method Interview


1: creative people focus on novel thinking rather than solution

2: comes from both environmental and genetic makeup

3: two

4: critical

5: the environment is significant in the creative process

News broadcast

6:  a problem in the cooling system was solved

7:  the Philippines

8:  to expose cases of child abuse and punishment

9:  4 percent

10:  2


11: worked for freshwater conservation for nonprofit purpose

12: he made contribution to drinking water conservation in his own way

13: how I could contribute to water conservation

14: his clothes used even more virtual water

15: exaggeration

16: humorous

17: found that interest in reunions was linked with school experience.

18: US class reunions are usually occasions to show off one’s recent success

19: shared undergraduate experience on campus

20: bring into focus contrasting opinions

21: reasons for popularity and attendance for alumni reunions

22: was fond of drinking

23: George lied at the beginning and then became serious

24: remained the same as usual

25: was dissatisfied with his life and surroundings

26: no similar appreciation of Lincoln will be seen

27: respect for great people and their influence

28: resulted in similar disparaging remarks on Lincoln

29: reveals the variety of current opinions on heroes.

30: the memorial is symbolic of the


31: new Zealand    32: state   33: July 4th     34: the Arctic Ocean   35: T.S.Eliot

36: William Faulkner 37: personification 38: sequential rule  39: Disco   40: register


1:going Λsince    on

2:  certain          some

3: ratherΛthe      than

4:  is              was

5:  in              at

6: /the              the

7: viewΛtranslation  that

8: / was             was

9: statement         statements

10: and  —but


1: Pain gathered in the heart, hot burnt between eyebrows , depression suffused in the chest, a stream of gas rushed out the stomach through the throat. When the dean said that the child was in developmental delay, she got lost in the messy mind. He strided up and down in the house where the child stayed in.   There was only one window in the whole room, shadows whirlinged out of the window.  Let children stay behind, here are the benevolent priests and nuns, here will be extended to a foster care centre for medical function ,  here is the best place to keep the children.。



作文题目:最近,一项对2000名在校大学生进行的调查问到他们对手机通话和发送短信的态度,结果发现学生们最主要的目的是尽量花最少的时间,用最短的闲聊来传递信息。这项调查的发起人,位于华恒顿的美利坚大学(American University)的语言学教授巴伦(Naorni Baron)表示,手机最让他们喜欢的地方在于,他们可以通过手机与他人联系;他们最不喜欢的,就是别人可以通过手机联系到他们。你同意巴伦教授吗?

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