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    Performers take part in the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Cup at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg June 11, 2010. [Agencies]

    The 2010 World Cup in South Africa got under way with a spectacular and vibrant opening ceremony at the 94,000-capacity Soccer City in Johannesburg.

    The ceremony was followed by the first game of the tournament between the hosts and Mexico, which ended 1-1.

    Africa is staging the World Cup for the first time, with 32 nations competing in 64 games until the final on 11 July.

    Nelson Mandela was due to attend the opening ceremony but withdrew following the death of his great-granddaughter.

    Zenani Mandela, 13, died in a car crash when travelling home from the pre-World Cup concert in Johannesburg on Thursday.

    She was one of the 91-year-old anti-apartheid icon’s nine great-grandchildren.

    The Nelson Mandela Foundation released a statement saying it would be “inappropriate” for Mandela, a former South African president, to be at the opening ceremony.

    “We are sure that South Africans and people all over the world will stand in solidarity with Mr Mandela and his family in the aftermath of this tragedy,” added the statement.

    “We continue to believe that the World Cup is a momentous and historic occasion for South Africa and the continent and we are certain it will be a huge success.”

    The 40-minute ceremony began with a five-plane military flypast over the stadium, which resembles a huge African cooking pot.

    A group of drummers and dancers performed a ‘Welcome to Africa’ song that included an introduction to all 10 tournament’s venues.

    The next sequence saw a gigantic beetle show off its football skills with the Jabulani – the official football of the finals – before large pieces of cloth were used to show a map of the continent.

    Musicians and artists from the other African finalists – Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria – also had their chance to perform in a joint sequence.

    Multiple Grammy Award winner R Kelly then sang the ceremony’s showpiece song, ‘Sign of a Victory’ with South Africa’s Soweto Spiritual Singers.

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  • 双语阅读:白娘子和端午节的颇深渊源



    传说屈原投江后,屈 原家乡的人们为了不让蛟龙吃掉屈原的遗体,纷纷把粽子、咸蛋抛入江中。一位老医生拿来一坛雄黄酒倒入江中,说是可以药晕鱼龙,保护屈原。一会儿,水面果真 浮起一条蛟龙。于是,人们把这条蛟龙扯上岸,抽其筋,剥其皮,之后又把龙筋缠在孩子们的手腕和脖子上,再用雄黄酒抹七窍,以为这样便可以使孩子们免受虫蛇 伤害。


    There is a very famous traditional Chinese story that has a close connection to the Dragon Boat Festival. Once upon a time on E-Mei mountain there lived two snake spirits, White Snake and Green Snake. These snakes, being magical, turned themselves into beautiful maidens and set off on a journey to the West Lake of Hang Zhou.

    有一个与端午节息息相关的中国传统故事是“白蛇传”。从前,在伊眉山 上有两只蛇精,白蛇与青蛇。这两只蛇精运用法力将自己变成美丽的女子,并到杭州西湖游玩。

    When they arrived at West Lake they met a man named Xu Xian. White Snake quickly fell in love with Xu Xian and they were soon married. A Buddhist monk, named Fa Hai, warned Xu Xian of his wife’s deceptive appearance and suggested to him a plan.

    当她们在西湖游玩时,遇到一位名叫许仙的男子,白蛇与许仙很快的相恋并且随即结婚。当时一位名 叫法海的和尚,曾经警告许仙注意他妻子惑人的外表,并建议他一个揭开真相的计划。

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  • 美国大学排名简介USNEWS

    US NEWS 美国大学排名体系

    美国有多个民间机构对大学进行排名,如《美国新闻和世界报导》(US News and World Report)、《普林斯顿评论》(The Princeton Review)、《商业周刊》(Business Week)、《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)等,其中最有影响力的就是由《美国新闻和世界报导》在每年8月发布的美国大学排名。

      US News的排名分为本科和硕士,本科称为Best Colleges,硕士称为Best Graduate Schools。其中本科排名按照学校类别分为5类:

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  • 另一种人给我们的启示–5月22日活动反思(转载)


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  • 6.2

      It seems that I am now in an appaling situation, in which I even couldn’t tell myself what the hell I am persuing about my education or even the future career. It’s likely that what I really wanna do is trying to spare no effort to gain a bachelor degree so that I can further my s ...

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  • Wuthering Heights Sales Quadruple Thanks to Twilight Effect

    Sales of Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë’s classic gothic novel set on the Yorkshire moors, have quadrupled over the last year thanks to its appearance in the cult teenage film Twilight. 1
    After 150 years of steady sales, the romance between Heathcliff and Cathy has started flying off the shelves thanks to a generation of teenagers discovering the book through the Twilight saga—a trilogy of books by Stephanie Meyer, which have been turned into hugely popular films, staring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. 2

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  • 上大学的价值是否被高估?


    That more people should go to college is usually taken as a given. People with college degrees make a lot more than people without them, and that difference has been growing. But does that mean that we should help more kids go to college–or that we should make it easier for people who didn’t go to college to make a living?



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  • It’s the end of this semester!

    All the activites and competitions have come to an end in this semester, in the coming days, all I have to do is to prepare for the CET exam and the final exam of this semester. I have already sent several job applications to some educational institutions so as to enrich my summer vacation life ...

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  • 夜深寫點東西

    謝謝FISHER兄,一直這麼打抱不平,你在人人寫的東西都很客觀,我看了你的文章都不知道該怎麼去回你的帖子,於是就以沉默代謝吧。 小毛說的也有道理,這個社會或許就真有這麼一群人,不停的鼓吹,不停的5毛,最後也就是和諧的潛規則了,老兄做了這麼多,我心底十分感謝,感謝你的勇氣和正義。  不管這個社會是以什麽樣 ...

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